From personalized closets to garages, pantries to laundry rooms, and home office spaces to media centers  — our talented and highly specialized designers transform these spaces to fit your individual and lifestyle needs. With more than 40 door, drawer, and finish options, plus a full line of innovative accessories and tailored lighting, our design solutions complement your design style and customize your organizational experience with beautiful systems and solutions from Wilshire Closets.

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Your Source for Custom Closet Solutions to Fit Any Size, Style and Budget

Custom closets not only add value to your home, but also provide a personalized storage solution to optimize any space in your home. Wilshire Closets does more than custom closets: you’ll find storage systems and solutions for any room or space in your home.
The best way to declutter your closets isn’t to purchase a mixture of storage baskets, shelving or other short-term storage solutions you may find at a local home store. Working with a professional closest expert from Wilshire Closets will ensure your closet makeover fits your way of life and your unique storage needs. We go beyond closet ideas to deliver a professional customized way to declutter your space.
With an array of colors, storage accessories, tailored lighting, and custom storage options, a storage space designed and built by Wilshire Closets transforms your space and delivers a high-quality, long-term solution to last as your needs change and grow. Our closet systems can be customized, changed and rearranged over time, and even move with you to a new home.

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Many homes are built with a simple reach-in closet in the bedrooms often times for children’s rooms or guest rooms.

Optimizing every inch of space in a reach-in closet is critical. From floor to ceiling,
Wilshire Closets will design a storage solution to utilize the entire space.


Every person has unique needs for storing types of clothing, shoes, personal items, and accessories like hats, belts, purses, or ties.

With good design and space planning, a walk-in closet can deliver a lot of great storage space and a clear vision to your wardrobe and access to seasonally stored items.

Wilshire Closets will optimize your walk-in closet space with a custom closet design that’s functional and affordable.

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Shared master closets can get a little "messy". Many couples often end up with one person needing more than "their half" of the closet. And, our design specialists understand that!

With a custom closet storage solution from
Wilshire Closets, each person can tailor his/her closet space with the shelving, hanging racks, and accessories that work. From unique shoe storage to tie racks and jewelry drawers and laundry bins, a shared master closet can be easily personalized and transformed.


Put those shoes on showcase. Highlight those handbags.  Make your closet a calming space where you love to get dressed.

Where space allows and when wardrobes really matter, a boutique closet designed by
Wilshire Closets is something to behold, taking on a spa-like or department store feel.

With center islands, glass shelving and door fronts, gorgeous lighting and seating areas, the boutique closet of your dreams is just a consultation away.

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Your Source for Custom Storage Solutions to Fit Any Size, Style and Budget

From garages to pantries or home offices to laundry rooms, Wilshire Closets will transform any room to maximize storage and use.

An organized home means every space or room in the home is functional, comfortable and tailored to the way you live. Whether it's a kitchen pantry for a family, a guest room utilized as a home office, a laundry or crafting space, or a garage with customized storage for tools and holiday decorations, the expert team at Wilshire Closets works one-on-one with homeowners to tailor and personalize storage systems. Well-planned storage solutions prevent busy rooms from becoming cluttered with the look of fine furniture.


We spend more time in our homes than ever before, and now each space in your home can be transformed into a multi-purpose room. With affordable, personalized storage and built-in cabinets from Wilshire Closets, you will make smart use of every space available in your home tailored to your needs and the way you live in your home. Your storage ideas come to life and everything has a place with a storage system from Wilshire Closets.


Converting a guest room to a home office has become the hottest topic in home design in recent years. 

Keep the flexibility of a guest space with the addition of built-in cabinets with a home office design from
Wilshire Closets. You’ll stay productive in a quiet space out of the main traffic areas,
while optimizing the room for occasional overnight guests.

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Kitchen pantries, butler pantries, and food storage areas no longer need to be a “black hole” of groceries.

Wilshire Closets
 to measure every inch of space and design a custom pantry based on your personal needs. And don’t forget about the laundry room. Laundry rooms can offer additional storage or even offer a multi-use craft space when laid out properly by our space-planning experts.


Leftover paint and tile. Holiday decorations for year-round cheer. Tools for your home repair projects. Sports equipment neatly stored for grab-and-go outings.

All these items, and more, will have a neat and tidy home when our design professionals build a customized storage system for your garage.

If you dream about pulling into a clean and organized garage, and savor the thought of knowing exactly where all your Christmas decorations are, you have found your storage solutions at 
Wilshire Closets.

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There are literally hundreds of storage accessories, finishes and hardware choices available for any room in your home with Wilshire Closets.

From clean and simple, to upgraded and luxurious, our storage systems, accessories, lighting options, door styles, and finishing options will complement your style and make your budget happy.

Check out the gallery images below and start your "must-have" checklist for your custom closet or home storage project. We can wait to see what you like!