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Fluent in homeowner, builder, remodeler, designer, architect and commercial speak, our team understands the details that matter in designing cabinetry for spaces that function properly and which types of products fit best into specific types of projects. Our combined years of expertise and diverse specialized backgrounds form a friendly and knowledgeable team of talent that is unsurpassed in Oklahoma.


When you want to partner with a company that has you and your customer's best interests in mind, choose Wilshire Cabinet + Co. You'll love the results ⎯ and we're confident you'll have a great time during the entire process!


Are You Building a New Home?

If you are looking for inspiration before choosing a designer or custom home builder, or if you ready to make cabinet and closet selections for your construction project, Wilshire is ready to be a part of your dream team.

Wilshire Cabinet + Co
 is committed to helping guide you along every step in process: from inspiration, to final design, and installation to ensure you select the cabinetry, closet, home storage, and accompanying selections that fit your style and budget.


Are You Updating or Remodeling?

Are you a first-time home buyer and you purchased a house not for what it is, but for what it can be? Is your family growing and you're ready to make your home work for everyone? Has your lifestyle changed? Are you an empty nester ready to repurpose the rooms in your home?

Wilshire is ready to help you rethink and redesign your kitchen, bathroom, closet, home office, garage, or create a beautiful outdoor kitchen. We’re the team to transform your home into a newly imagined space to fit your life.

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Interior designers love working with Wilshire to bring their drawings and renderings to life, while exceeding client expectations.

Working with interior designers is a long-standing specialty at
Wilshire, where both the designer and the client receive amazing service, beautifully crafted cabinets, designer hardware, custom closets, home storage solutions, and expert installation.

We know your reputation is a top concern, so our team is there every step of the way to help our interior designer clients grow their business, expand their product offerings, and increase referrals.


Details are everything in a construction project, and failure to order the right specifications or community on delivery schedules or needs can be costly.

Wilshire delivers exceptional attention to detail when selecting the right custom cabinetry or closet storage built to match a specified design, vision, or concept. Our team will review your designs and plan drawings, take initial and final measurements, and convert them into the perfect layout and product selections ⎯ with the exact, correct dimensions from the get-go. Take your design vision to reality with space planning and cabinetry design specialists at Wilshire.


Custom builders can rest assured that working with Wilshire for custom cabinetry or storage systems like closets, garages, or pantries, is a one-on-one partnership.

You can count on us to ensure you meet your timelines and stay on budget with personal service and project management every step of the way. We deliver the high-quality, beautifully crafted pre-finished cabinets that today's educated and savvy home buyers demand.

Designer hardware, custom range hoods, pantries, closets and home storage systems help round out your offerings in a competitive market to make your homes stand out from the crowd, and build upon your name and reputation.


Remodeling projects are under tight constraints when it comes to budgets and timing. Oftentimes unexpected challenges can occur when moving walls, finishing out spaces and flooring, or expanding rooms.

Remodelers can reduce that stress when working with
Wilshire for their cabinetry, closets and storage systems thanks to dependable lead times and affordable options.


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Home Subdivision.jpg


The builder programs at Wilshire Cabinet + Co are a great way to add value to the homes you build in a community with high-quality, long-lasting pre-finished cabinetry. We offer cabinetry, custom closet, garage, and storage system solutions for every room and space in the home.

We specialize in working with large production builders completing 100 - 600 homes per year. We assist with the training of your sales team and on-staff designers on the standard packages features, as well as multiple upgrade options for buyers to personalize their home design.

Our builder sales and support team understands the pressures builders face when it comes to time, quality work, and costs. You can count on
Wilshire to meet your timelines, stay on budget, and help you produce homes you and your customers are proud of.


Specializing in the areas of retail, hospitality, tenant improvement and healthcare, the Commercial Division of Wilshire Cabinet + Co provides a wide selection of custom PLAM, pre-finished millwork, and casework solutions as well as project management services to ensure commercial construction projects are on-time and on-budget.

With quick ship programs, consistent lead times, and competitive pricing,
Wilshire's commercial team delivers on quality, safety, and accuracy.


Wilshire is experienced at working with architects, architectural designs and renderings, drawings and blueprints to select and build the perfect cabinetry and storage solutions to fit your specifications throughout new builds and commercial infill projects.


Wilshire is a reputable source for general contractors to partner with on all their design/build projects. We’re an out-source solution with an in-house feel, investing the time and energy to get to the know your team, understand the goals and constraints of the project, and deliver on-time and on-budget.


From quick-ship programs to custom architectural projects, we are ready to help you grow your business without all the growing pains. From specification reviews and initial project estimates to final sign-offs and cabinetry production to installation, Wilshire Cabinet + Co is the partner you need!

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